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Become a Volunteer!

Compassionate, qualified volunteers are the heart and soul of Hospice Visions. Our Hospice organization was founded by volunteers and we are committed to honoring their generosity and dedication as they assist those and their families experiencing a life limiting illness.

Volunteers are a vital component of The Visions Team. They offer love, comfort and compassion to patients and their families while supporting the mission and Vision of Hospice. Volunteers bless patients and their families in Twin Falls, Gooding, Lincoln and Jerome Counties during and after this difficult time of life.

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities: Interacting directly with patients and their families; helping with administrative, clerical and support assignments; participating in fundraising events; creating, implementing, and participating in special events such as, making a wish come true for a patient and their family; or encouraging and recognizing our Veterans. Whether you have leisure time as a retiree, a flexible work / life schedule or a limited amount of time to give, we welcome the gifts of your time and talents.

To volunteer, fill out our volunteer form by clicking here, or for more information, contact Nora Wells at 208-735-0121..


Avenues of Giving

Patient and Family Kindness

  • Encourage, comfort and visit with both patient and family
  • Assist the patient and family with projects: Sort photos, write letters or update their life journal
  • Be an interested, attentive and sympathetic listener
  • Just be there: Play cards, listen to music, read out loud, tell stories ... or just be present
  • Give family caregivers a needed break, an hour or two for themselves to rejuvenate, rest and relax
  • Life Review Videographer
  • Comfort Baskets for patients and families - cookies, handmade cards, crafts
  • Loving Care Holiday - Share your time and talents with a family to make their season bright
  • Household Assistant - Help with minor repairs, gardening or tidying up
  • Table of Plenty - Prepare a meal for a special occasion and take it to a patients home
  • Made to order - Help with menu planning for special diets
  • Be a part of our Veteran-to-Veteran Program

Complementary Therapies and Alternates

  • Light Touch Massage
  • Music and soothing sounds therapy
  • Pet therapy (with a certified pet)
  • Aromatherapy
  • Therapeutic Arts - Healing the Heart and Spirit through art

Office Volunteers

  • Assist with administrative and clerical activities
  • Various activities may include, assembling information packets, copying, quality of care inquiries, tuck-in calls or receive and direct incoming telephone calls
  • Preparing Programs for special events

Marketing and Special Events

  • Serve on planning committees
  • Represent Hospice Visions at community events
  • Assist with correspondence

Community Awareness

  • Share Hospice Visions with people you know in the community
  • Be a Hospice Visions ambassador at community gatherings
  • Raise awareness of Hospice Visions as an important and valuable community resource
  • Represent Hospice Visions at corporate and community health fairs and functions

Junior Volunteer

  • Assist with Life Review videography
  • Special Events/ Fundraisers
  • Cheer Team - Visiting Patients and plan parties in Assisted Living Centers
  • Provide office assistance
  • Make Hospice Visions your Senior Project



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