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Home Safe Home

Home Safe Home - Senior Liaison Services

Often seniors have complex medical and or social issues. Hospice Visions, LLC is committed to helping you and your loved ones manage successful aging. We have a deep understanding of the aging process and provide empathetic and effective consultations.

Home-Safe-Home can help you identify and find the help you need, starting with an evaluation and consultation at no charge.

A Home-Safe-Home evaluation will assess an individual's safety situation within their living environment and provide important information about community resources including:

  • Caregiver Resources
  • Information about in-home meals
  • Information about Lifeline
  • Locate in-home care servicesv
  • Complete your Advance Directivesv
  • Resources for long term planning
  • Information about State and Federal benefit programs (Medicare/Medicaid)
  • Ensure safe housing for seniors
  • Veteran Health Advocacy Services

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