Testimonials of Hospice Visions

Dennis Carter

We were informed by relatives and friends that the hospice workers were like angels to assist our family. They were so kind, compassionate, and concerned. We loved them. Thank you!

Diane King, Spouse

We feel fortunate to have had Visions Hospice helping us care for mom in her last months of life. I would recommend them to friends.

Chris Gillette, Daughter

I’m very pleased with the excellent quality customer service we received with Hospice Visions.

Jim Evans, Brother

Visions was very good to us. I would recommend them highly.

Deanna Metcalf, Spouse

Excellent care and a first class organization! Thank you for all you have done for our whole family.

Wayne Iverson, Spouse

Once again I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation for your services. The onsite care you provided along with the sage advice and understanding of Karen Boomhower were required and appreciated. Many of your bereavement messages really hit home and were taken to heart.

Not a day goes by that I do not think of and miss Dorothy, my life partner, but Karen and the bereavement messages were an enormous assistance in surviving my loss. Thank you for your assistance.

LD, Spouse

Dear Hospice Visions,

A BIG thank you to all of you who shared in taking care of mama in her last months. Special thanks to Steve and Karen B. and really big thanks to Robyn who took such special care and time to love her , fuss over her and really take special care of her. You all made a difference in her life and our family we so appreciate that !! You are truly what you say on your card – comfort, care and love. Thanks again and again.

Janelle (Sevy) Swanson

Just wanted you to know how Max and I enjoyed your visits, all your help and support. Max looked forward to seeing you so he could tease and joke with you. But mostly he liked knowing how much you card for him and he couldn’t wait for his hugs and kisses. Bless all of without the Hospice Staff we don’t know what we would have done. I will miss you.

Leta Danos and Families

“I can’t express my deepest thanks without giving them the highest mark possible. They were always here when I needed them most. I praise the entire staff. I could not have gone through this without their help.”

Phyllis Warr, Spouse

The whole team that took care of Dad were all wonderful and caring. They made his transition very easy and painless. Our family thanks each of them for their compassion and concern. We will highly recommend Hospice Visions to other families for this need.”

Marie Webb, Daughter

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